If you have no idea what Lemonade is then boy where have you been? Beyonce has just released a visual album called Lemonade. An absolute treat for the eyes and ears based on the heart ache of cheating and the process of healing.

Now I’m not going to do a review on the actual album itself as you know my opinion on the Queen bee. I do however beg on my hands and knees for you to watch it. Even if your not a Beyonce fan, give it a chance – you may be surprised.

I do want to talk about what it means for womenkind. For mankind. What we can take home from this visual masterpiece that she has created. Why so many women and men choose Beyonce’s words as their shield.

She is raw and open in her heart break from an unfaithful man. It shows that even the most beautiful can be pulled into the pit of despair and feel unworthy. This is important. It brings us to equal grounds with those that we put on pedestals. To often we find ourselves wishing to be those models we see on TV. The rock stars. The movie stars. Looking into their lives imagining how perfect it must be. Placing them as our Gods. When they feel the same pain and suffering as us mere mortals. But look at you. There is nobody else like you. Work it baby.

Every single one of us has suffered at the hands of a man at one point in our life. Whether your a women or a man. we are all equal in that.

and no, I’m not giving women a free ride as yes, there are some terrible women out there. But I’m talking Lemonade.

Beyonce encourages the stages of “grief” that we go through when such a thing happens. Her words give us strength that we knew was always in us but couldn’t get it out. As women we should be standing together. Lifting each other up. Telling our mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Cousins, Nieces, Daughters and Friends just how beautiful and strong they are. We should be smiling at strangers in the street. Complimenting at any time we have. Working together like the lionesses we are. Building our men up to realize their greatness. Becoming equal members of society.

Equality is everything at the moment. With the likes of Donald Trump trying to ruin the beauty of diversity and a new world. We can learn that with the power within us we can stand up to this. Shut down vile racism and sexism.

We have the opportunity to create a world which is better. To teach our daughters that they can be whatever they want to be. That they are pure, strong and beautiful. To teach our sons to respect women, to believe in their own kindness and achieve goals for equality.

You are as great as you believe. Take the time to be more kind. Take the time to understand that others have troubles you cannot see.

Lemonade isn’t just an album. Its encouragement. And that’s why I love Beyonce.




Coconut-Lane London


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Sexual Health – Its Not Embaressing


Got an itchy foof? Your love stick not feeling himself? Smelling something a little off when you pop to the loo? It’s time to take a visit to the doctor. Sexual health is something that is often a taboo to talk about but why? We all do the deed and isn’t it safer to be checked regularly than contract a nasty virus that can cause some undoable damage?

Millions of young people contract STI’s every year but are just too embarrassed to bare all in front of a professional. You need to shred that embarrassment and realise – It’s their job!

Sexual health doctors have seen it all! Bumps, Lumps, Smells, goo, hair, shaved, big, small, droopy, wonky, fat, thin, tight, open, discoloured and funny looking. Embrace your bits. They do not care what you come in with, they care about making sure you are healthy down there.

If you really feel a little uncomfortable take a shower before you visit and wear breathable cotton undies. Ohhh momma. You can tell the doctor that you’re nervous and they will make sure you feel relaxed before they examine you. Remember to be brutally honest – Warts and all. If you’ve slept with 96 people in 3 days you need to tell this to the professional.

Be prepared to answer questions about your sex life, including:

  • when you last had sex
  • whether you’ve had unprotected sex
  • whether you have any symptoms
  • why you think you might have an infection

They will have heard every story so don’t worry if you need to tell them how you experimented with a cucumber and now feel like you’ve got the cling film stuck – tell them. They are not asking you to make a salad with it – they want to help.

You can also request whether you have a male or female doctor to make you as comfortable as possible.

You will be told the importance of condoms so if you haven’t been using them with new/multiple partners be prepared to be told off! You naughty frog! If you’re having sex with a new partner or multiple partners you need to be wearing condoms. If he tells you he can’t because they are too small or they are uncomfortable – chuck him out your house for being a liar. If she says she’s a virgin or she doesn’t have any STI’s – chuck her out the house for not putting her sexual health first.


Even if you’re in long term relationship it’s still important to get tested regularly, not to catch your partner out (Although it would give you the heads up that something’s not right) but for your own piece of mind.

What do the tests involve?

The tests might involve:

  • a urine (pee) sample
  • a blood sample
  • swabs from the urethra (the tube urine comes out of)
  • an examination of your genitals
  • if you’re female, swabs from the vagina, which you can usually do yourself

Some of these may be uncomfortable for a few seconds while they do the test but that’s much better than being in pain with an STI. So bite the bullet and breathe. You will usually get a text or phone call to give your results with a number to call if they need to speak with you further.

So get on down to your nearest GUM/Sexual Health clinic and get your downstairs checked over! It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

You can visit –

  • your GP
  • a young people’s sexual health service – call the national sexual health line on 0300 123 7123
  • a community contraception clinic
  • a pharmacy

For more information on keeping your sexual health healthy!

Adult Hangover Help.


Flashback to the teenager you. You could drink as much as you wanted, Mix every single drink at the bar and wake up the next day climb a mountain with ease. Fast forward to the adult you. You can only stick to one drink as mixing now sends you into a pit of blur. You are done by around 12pm-1am. Heels now hurt if they are on for more than 10 mins. You look forward to the kebab at the end of the night more than the actual night. Waking up can only be explained as hell which now lasts at least 2 days where you can no longer function. Help.

Its ok little lamb, I have a few tips that can help ease the pain of last nights shame.

  • Your ma was right – drink water in between drinks. If this is too much of a pansy move for you. Drink water at some point in the night.
  • Eat a good meal before you start knocking back the devils medicine. No more quick pot noodles. Carbs will be your best bet kiddo.
  • Pack some flats in your bag. Nobody really looks at your feet anyway so just slip them on and carry on dancing.
  • Stick to a drink you know your safe with. If you tend to get wasteydoodles with vodka maybe drink something else. keep it cool cat.
  • Calm down on the pres! Don’t start chugging down buckets of gin, that wont help sweetpea. Sip it.
  • If you know you’re  struggling to keep up, slow down. Its not a pussycat move. Its better than ending the night face down in the porcelain throne.
  • Shots are fine but in moderation. Sip a few but know when to say stop.
  • Get that greasy kebab if your stomach can handle it. It’ll act as a soak up sponge n your tum.
  • Drink some water before you go to bed and also fill a bottle to put next to your bed that way, when you wake up with a mouth dryer than sandpaper you wont have to move.
  • Try and give your face a wash and teeth a brush before slipping into bed. It’ll freshen you up when you awake feeling yukky.
  • When you wake up flush your system with plenty of water and keep your head down with plenty of rest.

So there are some tips to keep you from falling into a hungover ditch of hell. Keep hydrated, Keep weary and Keep safe!


How to deal with moany pants friends.


Friends are great! We love them dearly. We have a million memories together that we look back on with a smile. We’ve been through the worst of times together and the best times. They are always there to hold your hair up when you’re vomming your brains out or passed out on the bathroom floor, cheers. The have your back when some little toad starts something. They let you cry it out when you’re feeling blue. WE LOVE FRIENDS. But what if your friend is acting a fool? What if it’s got to the point where you want to slap your friend for being an over dramatic boob?

We should be honest with them. We should just say “look Cara you’re a bitch, stop” but sometimes it’s easier said than done to be so brutally honest. So I’ve come up with some situations to help you tell your friend that they need to sort it out but in a pleasant way. Unless they are literally the biggest piece of waste you have ever come across – then tell that toad. Tell them they are a complete possum’s arse and cut it loose.

  1. “Omg I’ve failed my exam, Im going to be a dustbin man for the rest of my life” Ok yeah we all hate failing tests but remind them that it’s not the end of the world, they have chances to retake, step it up a gear on the next one or hope that they did well in the others before. Also remind them that dustbin men also make a decent amount of money. Silver lining.
  2. “My boyfriend hasn’t text me back” – mate he’s busy calm yourself. Why not use the time to enjoy time with me, Im sure he will get back to you once he’s finished either napping, eating and pooping.
  3. “Im fat” – No, a blue whale is fat and everyone loves those giant sea bunnies. Fat isn’t the worst thing you can be and chances are they aren’t fat. Tell them they are beautiful then stuff cheeseburger in their mouths and tell them to enjoy it. No cheeseburgers in the grave my friend.
  4. “My life is a mess” – No, you have me as a friend, your life is fine but as your friend I will help and support you through whatever – Who do I need to kill?
  5. “Im going to be single forever” – Why is that a bad thing? You can do what you want, when you want. I’ve heard they have made wine for cats so no, not forever alone! Stop and enjoy your life!
  6. “My boyfriend is cheating” – Then why are you with him? Let’s go get drunk and find some hot men to buy us drinks and call us pretty. You don’t need a scumbag and if you go back with him – You’re an idiot and I will take that time to tell you so.
  7. “Im tired” – me too, lets nap.

In the end if your kind sarcastic honest approach doesn’t work – just kill them with sass. Or tell them to get a grip as nobody likes a miserable minni. Life is so much better on the positive side. Stop your whining! Now go get drunk together, pee yourself and eat £30 worth of kebab in your pants.

xo Queenie

Sun Shine Blogger Award

Itgoodtobecrazysometimes has nominated me for the Sunshine blogger Award/

Thank you so much beautiful! Make sure you give her Blog a read on the link below


The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you!
  • Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
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  • Ask the nominees 11 questions.

And Misty’s questions

  1. If you could of personally witnessed anything what would it be? Nirvana at reading in 1992
  2. Where were you three hours ago? At work 😦 
  3. Who is your hero? Sounds corny but it would be my boyfriend. He is literally superman. 
  4. You can pick one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you select and what would it be? Kurt Cobain. Why did you leave us?
  5. If you joined the circus what act would you do Lion tamer. By that I mean cuddle lions. 
  6. What do you think Victoria’s secret is. Underwear. 
  7. What is you favorite time of the day? Either fresh bright mornings or 3am pizza and cuddles. 
  8. If you were immortal for a day what would you do? Swim with great whites and killer whales in the seaaaa.
  9. What did you want to be growing up? Truthfully? A digger driver.
  10. What was the last tv show, book or movie to make you well up? Reign over me. Watch it. NOW.
  11. Where’s Waldo (Wally) (OK I ran out of questions but have fun with it)?

And now my 11 questions

  1. You can take three things to a desert island. What are they?
  2. Absolute favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry’s?
  3. Your animal spirit is?
  4. A song that means something secretly to you?
  5. Country of birth?
  6. Your plans for valentines day?
  7. Pyjamas or naked?
  8. Favorite season and why?
  9. Your embarrassing celebrity crush?
  10. A book you would recommend?
  11. Your favorite film and why?

And my nominees are

Jamies Home Blog

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lil fashion lover

Stop blaming others for your own negativity.


We can all be a bit of a toad sometimes. Like we have all been there when we are tired, cold, hungry and basically in a vile mood and take it out on others. But what if you are constantly blaming others for your own mistakes. Im not saying you are always to blame because sometimes it is others that cause our own destruction. But some little tinkers need a kick up the back side to realise that – Worries me every day doesn’t work.

So you feel like you’re always the victim huh? No honey. Maybe the way you’re treating people is why you’re feeling alone. Maybe your life choices aren’t really the best pick of the bunch.  Now I am not saying that you can’t do what you what because that’s messing with free will and Morgan freeman in Bruce almighty says you can’t mess with that – so I don’t. Follow freeman. But you could maybe look at yourself? See what changes you can make to become a better and stronger person.

We come into this world alone (unless you’re a twinny) and we pop out alone. It’s down to you to pick the positives in life. It’s down to you to grasp a great life with both hands. It’s down to you in the choices you have made in the past. Blaming others isn’t going to help.  Everyone has a difficult path to walk in different ways – just because you see someone as “better” than you doesn’t mean they are. And it is no excuse to put down that person through jealousy. You need to be including people in your journey in a positive way. You are in charge of yourself and nobody else.

  • If you feel alone, call someone. Everyone has busy lives and if you feel that you’re left out – call someone. They probs feel the same!
  • Stop complaining 24/7. There must be something in your life that is positive. The sunshine in the morning, the way you got a C on that test, the guy who smiled at you at the bus stop. Stop looking for drama and it will stay away.
  • Surround yourself with positive light and other will pick up on it. If you smile – someone else will follow.
  • If you have made a wrong decision – that was your choice and nobody else’s. Don’t take it out on others when this happens. Realise your mistakes, forgive, forget, and move on.
  • Stop judging others for having “lesser” problems. Have you walked in their shoes? No. So you have no idea how that issue is effecting that person.
  • Be Oprah. Help your friends with advice and support but tell them when they need to stop being silly. Also, ask for help when you need it too.
  • Don’t try and make out that your problem is worse. It just makes you look like a grouch. And people will tend to walk away from you in reaction to your self-centeredness.
  • If you set yourself up to fail you will. Think like a boss and it will happen.
  • Don’t look at others success with envy. That person has followed their path to get there. Follow yours. Follow your own dreams.
  • Misery is contagious. Take precaution from spreading it or contracting it. SMILE.
  • If you really are struggling to the point of none belief then get yourself down to a doctor and ask for help. There is no shame in this. As much as I believe it’s your own choice to be unhappy I also realise that some people just cannot help it. Don’t ever be afraid or ashamed of mental health. Reach out to a professional and get yourself better baby.


Take a look in the mirror and find 5 positive things about yourself today. Do this every morning before you leave the house and it will set your energy on positive. I’ll start you off with my 5 positives to show how the littlest things can make you feel good.

  1. My hair looks cute in a ponytail.
  2. I have chocolate mini eggs in my bag. Woohoo.
  3. My eyes look really blue today.
  4. My makeup looks fresh and clear.
  5. My butt looks good.

Easy as that my little cherubs. Get looking upwards and not to the floor.

Xo Queenie

Blue Monday – Goodbye For Another Year


Well yesterday was apparently the most depressing day of the year. So now that it has passed we can now say that it can only get better. Up and Onward my fellow life lovers.
So why are you writing this blog today Queen B?

Well, I struggle to get my butt into gear when its cold, wet and dark. I also find myself wondering what this year will bring and how on earth I am going to achieve some goals so that 2016 will be a year not wasted.

So Ill share with you some pick me ups I use to spur me on to get this year into gear post Christmas and some goals i aim to achieve this year.

  • I currently “try” and drink a smoothie everyday. I fill it with different fruits and veggies tipped off with some filtered water every morning. I find that it gives me the boost I need to eat healthy fro the rest of the day as well as feeding my bod with yummy nutrients.
  • I stretch. Me and exercise are not mates. So I have started out gently by using stretching techniques and Yoga. It helps my bod when I’m feeling tired and groggy.
  • I think positively. I used to be a Right Myspace emo. Worries me and all. But i have taken on the role of positive master in the last few years. I like to encourage people to be the best they can and treat people how i wish to be treated. Smile at someone you don’t know today – Guarantee it will brighten their day and yours.
  • Reading information books. I have been reading a few Non-Fiction Books recently and its really interested me. It could be about anything that you have an interest for but honestly I think it feeds your knowledge and gives your confidence a boost.
  • Listening to music can spur you on to get motivated. I brought K a vinyl player for Christmas and I think I use it more then him. We’ve started a great little collection of vinyls and I really do think they sound better. Whenever I need to do something I turn it on and up.
  • TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. Please please get some vitamin D down your throat. (No that is not a innuendo dirty girty) It really will help when your feeling run down. Also look at the benefits of other vitamin and what your body needs. I currently take a few new vitamins for all good reasons and plans.
  • Take time out. I say it a lot in my blogs but i really think its important to take time away from everything and relax. Stress doesn’t help anyone especially when its cold and miserable out there.

So that’s some of the pick me ups I use to get myself going In wait for the summer. Try them and let me know what you think. I also have a few goals i want to achieve this year so i will share and see if you guys have sort of the same. LETS GET GOING.

  • Loose a few. I’ve already lost weight but i want to loose more. I have been working really hard on it and feel that I can keep going. Not that I’m not FABULOUS I just want to do it for myself as a challenge.
  • Keep up my smoothie mornings.
  • Go away somewhere with K in April. Who knows where. But somewhere.
  • Quit Smoking by May
  • Write more frequently.
  • Finish writing my new play.
  • Decorate our bedroom! Yellow and Grey. Yum.
  • Go to a spa. I need that massage and hot stone thingy.
  • Drink more green tea.
  • Remember to take my vitamins everyday!
  • Collect some more vinyls.
  • See my cronies more for cocktails.
  • Hit up Rock City.
  • anddddddd a Secret plan that I aint telling you about until the time is right.

Ha. sorry. But yeah, some plans for the next year. Make a list of your plans and see what you can get planning. I know you can do it. Keep happy prinny. FEEL GOOD.

xo Queenie

The Lovely Blog Award

I do love an award, especially when it comes from a fabulous fellow blogger! So I’ll give a big thanks to littlemissminor! What a cute little floof. Go check out her Blog and get some awesomeness into your day.

The rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Add A Picture To Your Post
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  • Nominate others to do the award (Up To 15)
  • Include The Set Of Rules
  • Let Your Nominees Know

7 Facts About Me 

  1. I could sleep for 23 hours a day and still be tired.
  2. I quote Jersey Shore too much when I have had a drink.
  3. I  love leopard print and I actually couldn’t give a flipflop if you thinks its tacky.
  4. Kurt Cobain is my life.
  5. I have broken my leg in 5 places.
  6. Me and K have already picked our future kids names. Full names.
  7. I can eat. Like – A LOT.

My Nominees 

Sorry if you’ve already been nominated! If you do, I look forward to reading your posts!

University – The Final Semester


Nothing can prepare you for leaving university, literally nothing. You can feel a mixture of feelings, a bit like a deathly dirty pint in a ring of fire game. Part of you cant wait to leave and start living your life independently but the other just does not want to leave the comfort of campus.

Its great that you feel you are ready to leave and its also great that you have high hopes for the moment you stroll out with degree in hand, but remember – it takes time. It doesn’t mean you cant walk straight into the perfect job but on average it can take a graduate six months to find a job, and most of those are not degree related. DON’T PANIC. you will get there. Its all a learning curve and you’re not going to start up in a job with loads of money, you will need to work up a ladder like others.

Start looking at jobs early, even if you don’t apply just have a gander at what is out there and what these jobs require. Use a day after you’ve hit the student union and you’re lying in bed watching yet another season of the big bang theory and just have a little look online. Look at cities you possibly want to move to or weather you want to pop back to your home town for a few years until you get yourself up and running. Little bits of research is the key.

Eh erm I don’t want a job, I want to go travelling or get a masters!? No problem, same rule applies, research is key!

Look at where you want to go or what you want to do, if you are unsure on what you want try Prospects.ac.uk, You can fill in a quiz which shows jobs and careers that might suit you and what you need to do to get there.

Make sure you give it your all in these last few weeks. It may seem like you have years before you finish but it’ll speed by. Knuckle down on your final essays and presentations. The library may become your new home but make the most of it. I had many a good night in the library doing work – And no, I wasn’t even drunk. Go out with the best you can baby bear. And please don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the grade you wanted. There is still so much you can achieve with what you’ve got.

Boring research/learning part over, enjoy yourself. You will never get this much freedom back so make sure you go and get absolutely wastey pants with all your friends. Have a cute uni family dinner together and talk about all the times you’ve shared over the last three years. Take all the photos you can so you can make a scrap book of all those messy nights and adventure days. Say thanks to your lecturers. Yeah some of them may have got your back up and never cut you any slack but common, I bet you weren’t no bucket of roses to deal with either so just give them a quick cheers.

Its OK to cry when the time comes to leave your course mates and flat mates. Its really emotional. These kids have been there on your first journey away from home and they will always be a part of your life. Give out hugs all round, even to the ones that you cant wait to see the back of. Just make sure you have contact details for all the ones you want to keep in your life that little bit longer.

When you’re sat in the back of your parents car crushed between a micro oven and WKD stained duvet, don’t have any regrets. Look at how far you’ve come and all the friends you have made. Feel pride in what you have achieved and look forward to the next journey ahead of you. You still have graduation – so you still have one more chance to see those who have made an impact on you and make up with those you had differences with.

Its all going to be ok cherub. Have a glass of wine and get yourself on ASOS to find that killer outfit for your grad pictures. You will make something great out of yourself.

xo Queenie